The 1000+ Small Dreams Challenge

 The 1000 Small Dreams Challenge is over for now I'm afraid, to make space for the Big Dream Program Adventure Club which you can learn about at the very top of my homepage here

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Big hug,

Alex Baisley

Have you been wanting to horse-back ride? Scuba dive? Take a weekend road trip? Get a tattoo? Play the song you wrote in front of people? Go canoeing or camping with your family or friends? Host a dinner party for your neighbours? Try bringing improv or acting into your life? Do a life-drawing class?

Maybe you’ve thought about writing poetry, or taking a Mediterranean cooking workshop in your community, or martial arts? Learn what opera or bluegrass is all about? What about an instrument, a language?

Just that... you haven't got round to it. Could you use a nudge?

Would you be willing to listen to my project about: The 1000 Small Dreams Challenge?


My goal here is to inspire 1000 good salt-of-the-earth people across Canada (and in a few other countries - wherever you are!) to pursue a small dream that rocks them :)

You and your gorgeous Small Dream:

What’s a Small Dream? No, it’s not cleaning the f***ing basement, or any other ‘should do’. There is a time and place for such necessary minutiae. And it ain’t here.

(UNLESS you want to clear out the basement to open up your new scrapbooking or meditation room! - that’s different I’m sure you’d agree.)

Yeah but... Gack! I'm too busy!

"Holy eff! A Small Dream? Yes, sounds great, but I’m too damn busy…. I’m not sure I have the energy to do a small dream even though I’d love to..."

Let me explain:

A Small Dream doesn’t take more time or energy or money than you already have - I know you’re busy.

My wife says that even when she’s quite full, she has a whole other stomach for a nice dessert. I believe she is right. Such is true also of small dreams and busy-ness. You’ve got a whole other ‘schedule' for a bit of gorgeous Small Dream-ness.

I hope to show you that a Small Dream, by how it’s designed, doesn’t take from or tax you. It’s the opposite. It gives. It gives you more freedom, more spaciousness in your life, revitalizes the twinkle in your eye that only seems to light up when you KNOW you’re pretty cool right now ;). And a small dream is the most powerful tool I know that helps you inspire others. More on that below.

A client, Lisa, felt busy and overwhelmed with a big dream of helping the homeless community in Atlanta. When she turned it into a Small Dream, she wound up giving showers and lunch to dozens of homeless people within 3 weeks.


Small Dreams open doors big time.


Another workshop participant had a big dream of more family time, and couldn’t figure out how to do it with his work. When he turned it into a Small Dream, he wound up doing a big canoeing - camping trip with his wife and kids.

Small Dreams unlock our potential more than anything I’ve seen in my decade of working with clients in the Big Dream Program.

The 1000 Small Dream Challenge sits on the solid foundation of the Unlocker Question: If I had to complete something in 3 weeks from today to explore what I’m interested in, what could I do?

Turning your heart-loving interests and Big Dreams into doable Small Dream Challenge Projects

i.e. things you could explore, just to have a go, within 21 days. Such as...

Horseback riding

Small Dream Challenge Idea: Find a place where you can try it out! Take a class! Or reach out to contacts and see if there's someone who could give you this experience!

Tiny-Home Living

Small Dream Challenge Idea: Super curious about this whole tiny-home thing? Hit google and social media, Air BnB, and see if you can find a way to try it for a weekend! That'll make it more *real* wha? Inspiring!

Cooking Classes?

Small Dream Challenge Idea: Use YouTube or find a local workshop to learn how to make something new and fun! For you, or have a dinner party.

More Small Dream ideas...

  • Design your very own daily spiritual or fitness practise based on activities that light you up - that you would like to commit to for 21 days.
  • Take a class on some topic that interests you: art, economics, permaculture, growing your own food, history...
  • Or design you own educational experience for yourself for 3 weeks to explore something.
  • Pick a little doable goal for learning a new language, an instrument... Committing to a couple of lessons for instance, or getting yourself to the point you can order a simple meal or ask directions in Japanese.
  • And don't worry - you will have a Getting Started Workbook inside to help you decide.

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

  • Brainstorm, design or pick a Small Dream Challenge for yourself (the Getting Started Workbook will help!)
  • Choose a 'moment' you wish to aim for in your Challenge - a moment that will mark a milestone or activity. (you on a horse, you holding your book of poetry, you hosting your dinner party)
  • Take a picture or video of your moment to share with the rest of us.
  • Let me share your milestone moment out with the bigger world, if you would, because it inspires others.

What I think you'll get, and not get, from a Small Dream Challenge:

You may not suddenly become a perfectly-together buddha of a human being from doing a Small Dream. Didn’t work for me at any rate. It would seem, alas, I’m still imperfect (according to my teenagers anyway). But… you will become a lot more YOU in doing a small dream. This is the #BestGoalEver

Your ‘Small-dream-into-reality’ muscle will get stronger, and that means your more-buff muscle is available for another Small Dream, or a full-on Big Dream, or something for your family or career… you can start making new moves in your daily life, open up doors you couldn’t before because the doors were too heavy.

And... I think doing Small Dreams also, quite simply, makes our lives, and US, more interesting :)

You had me at hello.

Yep. For heaven's sake. I don't need to read more - not even about the Big World WHY for this Challenge you're about to tell me. Let me in!

the BIG UNDERLYING WHY for this whole project:

You may not heal the whole planet with your small dream. But… you will contribute greatly to the ONE THING, I believe, that if anything is going to do it WILL heal our planet...

You become more sunshine, earth, and life-giving rain for the garden of the ideas in human hearts around you.

In other words, you help you and others unlock ideas and interests that WILL evolve our world further.

Here's what I mean:

When we look around us at the world, or accidentally listen to the news, we can be taken out at the knees by the challenges in our world. At the same time… check this out...

  • Someone, somewhere was Small Dreaming of ditching the car and bicycling to work, not realizing that it would inspire his neighbours and children to do the same. It ended up resulting in a career change to someplace closer - and WAY better job.
  • Someone, somewhere is Small Dreaming of joining a pilates class. Little does she know she will meet Eshru there who will become her best friend, and change her life incomparably.
  • Someone, somewhere is Small Dreaming of learning to ride a horse, and it’s about to make her feel so, so, so lovely and authentic inside. It’s going to feel like she found a piece of herself she didn’t know was missing until she found it. And her kids TOTALLY notice, and love the new Mom in the house. Her twinkle is back.
  • Someone, somewhere wanted to write a book - and little did she know then that her ‘interest’ will become Harry Potter inspiring millions of children to read a big book again.
  • Someone, somewhere had an idea for helping thousands of families overcome the ravages of iron deficiency in their diets. He invented The Lucky Iron Fish.
  • Someone, somewhere… had an interest in the politics of freedom, and thought of the idea of burning ID cards in apartheid South Africa, later on he had an idea that salt would bring together the collective hearts of folks in India. He was right.

Personal Strong Opinion Alert:

Alex here. That's me with my brave daughter Lila at a roller derby game.

Here's what I personally think: The solutions to every major problem and human-thirst in our world already exists right now. RIGHT NOW. ALREADY HERE.

As seeds in the hearts and minds of children and us grown-ups. These solutions are in their seed-state form of interests and ideas. I bet you have a few right now inside too that haven’t come out yet. Just like me with this project. It’s been inside me a long time. Now it’s out.

We never know where Small Dreams might lead us.

I'm just Alex. I've got strengths, weaknesses, and a pile of f***-ups like most people in the world. I'm a serious introvert. I haven't been good with money, and I'm so many million miles from perfect. I'm not the solution in the world.  Nevertheless, I'd like to think I'm one of 7 billion solutions I hope.

I wasn't feeling like I was sharing anything of what I might be capable of back when I was a commercial diver.  My first career. Yep, that's me on the right. I didn't have a clue what to do with my life, and stressed about it big time.

I chanced a Small Dream and signed up for a Reiki Level I course in 1999. I didn't know it would lead to a new career, my Big Dream Program, and this Small Dreams Challenge you're reading about today.

If you can tolerate this less-than-glowing, but honest, account of me, 

This is what I think is possible for us all, and our world:

If solutions and gifts already exist in seed-state in all of us, what can any of us do to help bring 'em out into the light for ourselves and anyone else? 

I think, together, we have enormous potential here to do this:


Start bringing new interests of ours out into the world. As explorations. No big plan, or expectations. Just an experiment. Open a door for fun. For a short period of time, we set aside the logic of 'what we should do' and instead: Take that class, we book horse-back-riding, we write a song or a poem, we sign up for Duolingo (free!) and start learning Japanese, or Arabic.

Dig out the bike, go on a little trip, organize a dinner party or a field trip to your local tiny home or straw-bale house. Have fun.

Why? There’s a chance that every small dream will change you.

There’s a chance that any small dream can lead to a brand new friendship or even a new career.


There’s a chance - especially during this challenge when I share your pics out - that you will inspire someone who you don’t even know to finally… write her book.

Let's make Small Dreams NORMAL. We can do this. Let’s influence the mainstream. So the kids will notice. So other adults will notice.

Do this Challenge. Pick a Small Dream and do it for none other than its intrinsic sake. It’s the energy we need in our world to unlock more solutions, and human beauty and ingenuity.

Last ditch effort to persuade you to join me, if I’ve not succeeded already?

Fine. Then what if I told you your small dreams can improve your sex life? OK. I don’t know if that’s true actually, but if it were, would you come do a Small Dream and help us out? ;)

The details: 

  • Our Challenge happens in a private Facebook Group: The Small Dreams Forge
  • It is open for the summer.
  • The Getting Started Workbook is in the Forge to help you figure your Small Dream out.
  • We will help - expect a community of encouragement, but I expect independent leader-y people. It's not about hand-holding, it's about creating the space for you to do your thing. 
  • It's $23 Cdn to join. Stay as long as we're open, do as many Small Dreams as you wish!


BONUS: The Keener Club 

I've been working with maverick independent-minded folks for many years help them not only start big and small dreams, but also navigate the tricky and jaw-droppingly valuable terrain of how to turn their dreams into what they'd most love to do with their lives and work. Finding their 'calling'. The next step. If you're interested, there will be optional advanced classes in the Keener Club.

You get the first Keener Club class free with your registration in the Challenge, so you can feel it out. Maybe you won't want it beyond that. But If you like it, and want more of those, the Keener Club is $23/mo. You can decide later. Just wanted to give you the heads up that you can take this further, very affordably, if you like.

How to Proceed:

  • If you'd like to read the nitty-gritty details, or JOIN us in adding your Small Dream, click the link below.
  • If you'd like to ask me a question, email me personally at [email protected]. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
  • If you're inspired and want to invite friends, and help us reach 1000+ Small Dreams, email me and I'll send you some share-ables :)



Click the link below and it will take you to the registration and nitty-gritty info.


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