The Big Dream Program Mentorship Club - Adventure Version.

If you watch the Tale of the Two Barbers in the video below, you'll understand almost everything you need to know about our new Club. It's all about helping people figure out their next work and life moves - just like Barber #2 did. ;)

See which barber you relate to, and how that perspective can be a big help when planning the next chapter in your life...

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All about the Adventure Club

Howdy folks! 

For those interested in working more closely with me, to explore and implement some new ideas in their lives, I’ve got something I’m opening here that may be of interest to you. To work together as a motley group of fun folks ;)

I’ve been at this Big Dream Program work full-time for 15years, & Reiki Master for nearly 20. Maybe it’s that, maybe it’s my teetering close to the 50yrs old mark - haha. Regardless the cause, I’m wanting to pass the torch along in ways I’ve not been able to before. I want to share, with people who are interested, everything I’ve learned in the past 20years. Things I get to share with small groups, and individuals every day and has given me a sense of great contentment with what I’ve been able to do with my life.

Here’s the thing on my end, transparently: I wish to practice my online video’ing. I would like to get more accustomed to it. I’m told folks like my videos, find them authentic and relaxed. I don’t always feel that way. I’ve also never done FB live Q&A sessions which I want to start now…

This leads me to what I’m offering: I would like to spend the next few months teaching as much as possible of the work I’ve done helping 1on1 clients these past 15yrs.

I have thought for years about creating an online club for folks who are not wanting or able to be private clients. (Who will be gifted into this club). 1on1 clients pay $450/mo so I’d been thinking around $200/mo for my club.

But - I would like to: brush up on my video-sharing & tech, teach new material for the first time that I’ve not got around to recording yet, share the energy healing tips and techniques I use to help clients overcome challenges more easily, do Q and A with those in the club - which I’ve never done. And organize everything I’ve taught, & learned to help folks out, in a club format.

Also some mini-classes - I’ve put two in the Club already, including: The 6 Questions Mini-Class - 6 questions I recommend answering for your 2020 journaling / planning / thinking: starting with the ‘If you had a magic wand’ question which has sparked several businesses… And I will show you how they could all fit together for you to express your unique self brightly this coming year.

There are a lot of things I wish to experiment with in here before charging $200/mo. And like my clients usually discover, there is no such thing as ‘being ready’. By the time we are ‘ready’ we are already moving past what we were getting ready for.

So for me - that time is now :)

the Big Dream Program Mentorship Club - ‘Adventure version’ is open.

I’m charging $45 CAD / mo. for the first folks who want to try this club with me, and help me develop it. You can join for a month, then let it go, or if it’s great for you, hang around. No minimum commitment :)

It is happening in our own private FB group, and your own special members' login area on this website. There is a welcome video, 2 practical eKits for you to start on, the 2020 planning Questions, and more in there already.

Because I’ll be teaching elements from my various eKits, I will give Adventure Club members free access to them as they become relevant. (about $300 eKit value)

If you are interested, to begin: here is the application form to make sure this club is the right ‘fit’ for you...

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A tree will be donated and planted for you each month you are in this club - to say thank you.

In partnership with One Tree Planted. This mentorship group is, I hope you'll find, about inspiration. And these trees are for Mother Earth's inspiration, and to honour you for your hard work and care :)

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If you'd like to join...

the application form is here

Questions ?

Ask me any questions you wish here.

Big hug,

Stop waffling Alex. You had me at hello. Give me that form already.
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