This is where you are going to find yourself SHORTLY:

the Sanity Path TeaHouse. Our own Private Facebook HQ. With badass trailblazing leaders, a wicked library of resources. Plus Nicole and I have some super fun (and secret) plans for you!

Here's how to Begin! Read carefully!

  1. Your Ultimate Getting Started Welcome Guide is already waiting for you in our dedicated Facebook group. You can get started as soon as we get your registration and request to join the group - here's how to get there:
  2. Fill out the registration form here. (It will open in a separate window so that you can easily make your way back to this one.)
  3. This self-guided and very supported Experience is $245Cdn per month. We are not offering refunds as this experience is for you and what you make of it, BUT if you wish to leave the experience you can at any time and not pay for the next month so long as you let us know 7 days before the next month's payment date. No strings, just give us notice. Sound fair?  
  4. If that sounds reasonable to you, here's how to begin! If you do online banking within Canada, (not PayPal) Please send an Interac E-transfer for $125 to [email protected] with Security Question: the Sanity What? Answer: Path  OR... Pay with Credit Card via PayPal here
  5. Go here and request to join the FB group.
  6. You will find your Getting Started Workbook waiting for you there on the Wall :) BUT...
  7. In case Nicole or I, your hosts, are not online at this moment (are you reading this at 3am our time?!!), we don't want to leave you hanging until we can approve your request to join our Facebook group. SO... at the bottom of this page you will find a total-trust link STRAIGHT into your Getting Started Workbook Guide so you can get right into it while you're waiting for us. 
  8. Got any issues registering? Drop me a line: [email protected]
  9. See you on the inside :)

Access your Getting Started Workbook here right away!

Here are the links to your Getting Started Workbook. One is a pdf if you prefer that. OR - if you do Google Docs, go to THAT one because when you get there, you can hit 'File' and 'Make a copy'. Then you've got your own and can write right in the workbook if you wish. Have at it. :)

Getting Started Workbook as Google Doc Getting Started Workbook as pdf

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