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The Big Dream Energy Club

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Hi there!

I work with, and talk to, a lot of folks who love things like meditation, energy healing, EFT (Tapping), yoga, and the like.

People who have found that these things not only bring enormous benefits to their daily lives, and those around them, but they have a sneaking suspicion that these things are likely crucial to helping them unlock their Big Dreams.

or WOULD… if they could just stick with 'em a little more regularly.


Ack. Life gets busy. :(  As Cathy says about being part of a club like this:


Cathy in NY State

"I think I'm inherently lazy when it comes to doing some things like meditating, tapping, or private self-care; and this forum really helps me stay motivated and accountable (not punishing) in a safe place. I'm surprising myself with my daily-do list on taking care of me. I love Alex's daily checklists - they're fun and keep me honest. I'm glad I joined in with this great group since I'm learning about new things 'out there' and how folks integrate them into their lives for a fuller experience. Knowing others are reading my comments and/or if I did my thing is a good reminder to take care of me daily. I like it very much."

As an introvert, I learned an important lesson.

And a lot of others did alongside me, which might have some relevance for you. In a program I was running last summer called the Small Dreams Challenge, brave folks were committing to various small dreams they wanted to do. It went SO WELL for us. For me - I committed to doing EFT every day for 20mins. For 21 days. (If you haven’t heard of EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, sometimes called Tapping - it’s amazing.) 

Gerri in Albany

"I've had lots of ups and downs in my business and in particular I have struggled because of the freedom and lack of definition that come from working alone at home. Frankly, I can float away, procrastinate, get excited about lots of new ideas, get strung out on too many possibilities and lose sight of the fact that I'm just plain lonely. We all need grounding, accountability and community to share our journey and to stay focused and in the game. The Big Dream Energy Club does this for me. And it does it in such a way that it responds to my latest struggles and evolves according to my needs."

OK Alex, I've read enough! I'm in -->

I learned this lesson, or rather 2 valuable insights below, that have changed me in ways I will never go back from - hence this Energy Club.


First is: I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. At the difference in my life from this small 20min practice. I have been doing it almost every day since. What could you do with 20mins/day?


And the Second is: I realized the only reason I stuck with this practice and was able to unlock the benefits of it for myself, was because I had a gang of beautiful good people in the group with me. It was the social thing. (For me, a confirmed introvert, I was aghast to have taken 20 years to learn this.) No one was holding me accountable, per sé. There were no raps on my knuckles when I missed a day. It was more that...

On the days I felt wishy-washy about doing my EFT session,

and would not have done it if left to my own devices I know full well, I found myself wanting to post my progress to the others. I looked forward to it. I enjoyed the pats on the back too when I got em, but mostly I loved being able to pat myself on the back.

So... (almost) every day I set the timer on my phone for 20mins. Did my EFT session. And instantly felt the satisfaction of logging that I’d done it in my private facebook group of good friends. I missed a few days here and there, like anyone with a full and unpredictable life usually does, but within 30 days I'd got my 21 days challenge done. And holy smokes did it pay off. It is STILL paying off.

And so many strong, amazing people that I talk to are in the SAME BOAT as I was, and am. A strong desire to do something, and yet after months of 'thinking about it', it's still so effing hard to get to, wha?!  From Club Member, Elizabeth on this...

Elizabeth in Alberta

"The knowledge that other people are in the same boat I’m in. That there are people who are looking to see if I too did my practice or, if like me they couldn’t get it in today and that there is a safe place to fall, to get back up and on track or to drift and come back, all without judgment."

the Big Dream Energy Club is for folks...

who are Big Dreamers, Entrepreneurs, Community Helpers, Activists, Artists, Parents, Musicians, Authors, Creatives… or any other independent folks who like the sound of this, and live by the beat of their own drum as best they can... If you like to 'paddle your own canoe' and see where the stream takes you...


And would like to bring EFT, like I did, or meditation, or time in nature, or yoga... whatever nourishes you into your daily life for 20mins or so. (my $99 30day Inner Roadtrip Meditation eKit comes free for members of the Energy Club - so if you're not sure what you'd like to do - there's a dandy way to get underway!)


The most conservative of studies I’ve read on this topic indicate that we’re at least 63% more able to stick with something and make it happen for ourselves if we are socially engaged in doing it (vs doing it on our own.) Another study said 80+%.

Well, for me at any rate, it was 100% more likely. This from Laura in the Club...


Laura in Seattle

"I have needed to add some accountability to my life, for a few things I continue to say I want to do, but don't (like online trainings I've paid for, and let sit, books that pile up, regular exercise, and even more, daily stretching) . I don't have many friends that live nearby, so an in-person accountability buddy hasn't worked yet; nor do many of my friends have the same interest or need for accountability. So, there's this group, and having taken a course with Alex before, I know he's a great motivator, solid cheerleader, gifted coach who asks great questions that trigger answers, and with this, I get all that, and a daily check-in (with clever answers). While I don't always do what I say I'm going to, I at least think about it every day, and more often than not, do what I said I'd do."

You can join the Big Dream Energy Club here -->

the Big Dream Energy Club: My Proposition for you:

Here's how it works...

The Big Dream Energy Club is $22/mo (Cdn). Even if you only do one month to give this a go. No strings.


The only commitment is that you would like to see what a mostly-daily practice could do for you, OR you would like to evolve what you do already, and think a social community would be worth trying. That’s it.

Once per day, or as often as possible, log in to our group - a private Facebook group - to say that you’ve done what you wanted to.

You could challenge yourself, for instance, to see if you can get to 22 days of doing a meditation or EFT or something of your own choosing over the coming 30days!

No one, least of all me, will beat you over the head if you don’t. The only thing that ever works in life with something new, from experience, is trying. That, I celebrate. And I welcome you to give this a try.


This is not a workshop. Though I will be giving you THIRTY of my best meditations as a bonus for joining.


This IS a place where you can choose my resources, or your own. And I'll be doing this right along with you. I'm doing my 20mins EFT most every day since January and holy smokes is it ever paying off bigtime - in every area of my life - including my work that you're seeing right here.


There are No contracts or obligations to continue past the first month. I just wish to help in a way that’s helped me and others so much. By creating this community.


You can leave at any time and not pay for the next month if it’s not a fit for you.


And if it IS a fit for you… you can keep the $22/mo price for however long you wish to remain in the club - even if I put the price up later. 


Sound fair?


If you think $22 is a good investment to see how this works out for you, here’s how to proceed:

1. Ask me personally any questions you like. I’m at alex@bigdreamprogram.com

2. And otherwise, click the 'welcome to the Club' link directly below. It will take you to the Agreements Checklist so you can know the etiquette of our club to make sure we're a good fit for you. Hope to meet you inside :)


Big hug,

Here's what Michelle has to say about being in the Club:

Michelle in Edmonton

"It helps to have people to tell my accomplishments to... Somewhere to say 'hey i did this inner practice and it's helping my daily life'. Without it, I wouldn't have people who are doing similar things as me, cheering me on. And the checklists Alex does are funny and engaging...really makes me think about how well I did or didn't do that day."

You can do your 20mins/day and join us here.