** current news: my 2019-2020 1on1 coaching program is open. I work with 10 folks individually per year, and there may be places still open for folks who'd like to apply. :) **

Having any trouble figuring out WTH you are meant to be doing with your life and work?! Ack!

If so, you're in fine company. It's normal. And, maybe I can help, because I did too. Welcome to the Big Dream Program. I'm Alex. Try this video...

When trying to figure out your next big life & work moves...


WTF am I doing with my life?!


If you'd like to learn more about my point of view on things, to see if what I have to say might be useful for a wild person like you, here are some starters:


  • A Story for you: The Tale of the Two Barbers. This is how I went from commercial diver to Reiki Master to founder of the Big Dream Program, and it might be 'just the thing' for you.
  • Some FB Live videos on topics that might apply to you.
  • A free eKit. It's huge, and complete. Not messing around...

A free 11-Module eKit.

You can get my entire foundation work here. A complete course on the 5JRs I talked about in the video, a highly unique bucket list kit, energy-meditation tips, and a pile more.

 WTF am I doing with my life?!

  • My 1on1 Coaching - the Jan-May 2018 1on1 coaching program is open for applications, and there are a few spots still remaining.
  • The OTHER eKits
  • Or drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you're trying to figure out!


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