Welcome to the Big Dream Program.

1on1 Coaching


Hi there! I’m Alex. The fellow in the video above. I have, perhaps you may notice, an unusual accent. It's because I'm from the Maritimes of Canada for starters, then spent 7 years as a commercial diver in Ireland. I sound a bit odd as a result ;)


Here's what I'm about: I think it is SO possible to figure out what the heck we should be doing in our lives. It took me 20 years to discover there's another way to approach this, and I've spent my time and work since trying to shorten that learning curve considerably for others like me.


When we’re young, with fewer responsibilities… the future looks wide open, and we just *assume* we’ll walk, of course, right into our THING. 


And then… Guh. It’s astonishing how quickly weeks and months slip by and turn into years… time passes, and still no lightning bolt seems to be coming to deliver our *big idea*.


Honestly, it’s easy to give up hope altogether once things like jobs, children, bills, other responsibilities start coming in. We think, well, maybe life just doesn’t work that way. But THAT doesn’t feel quite right either. There’s that deflated feeling, because… we can sense deep inside us somewhere that there IS more to life. There just is. If we could ONLY figure it out, but it’s so incredibly frustrating, disappointing when we just have no idea what IT is. Whew.


This work may be a great fit for you if…


  • You have a million interests, and hundreds of ideas. And GACKKKKK! Just can’t decide which one to focus on, which one may be ‘the thing’ for you. It's paralyzing!
  • You are entrepreneurially hearted / minded. Meaning you love the idea of ‘doing your own thing’ maybe, or even if you prefer a job, you really want your work to be meaningful - AND - lifestyle-friendly. These things are hugely important for you, and when you don’t have them, you feel very numb inside.
  • You are TOTALLY INTO living your life more for the experiences you can have, versus stuff. You are not particularly sure this 'work at a secure mediocre job, or business you now hate in order to retire' is the be all and end all of your life.
  • Most importantly: You sense there’s something great inside you trying to get out, if you could just figure out WHAT the f**k it is! ;)


the Road-Less-Travelled Mavericks’ approach to Kick-A** Life & Work Design

1on1 Coaching together

the Winter-Spring 2018 session. Jan - May.

10 good folks only.

This coaching is by application only. For 2 reasons:

  • I want to make sure I'm a good fit for you, and you're a good fit for how I work. 
  • I have a total of 2 spots remaining available for this coaching as of March 8. First come basis. I typically dedicate 2 days/wk for private client work.


The best client fits are those who:

  • are entrepreneurial in nature, or very much into creating their meaningful projects in the world. 
  • really want an approach with a mentor / friend that blends very grounded practical idea brainstorming, a desire to implement these ideas, AND...
  • very importantly - feel that their internal life and health, their loved ones, their lifestyle, and their dreams are really important to any moves they wish to make in the next chapter of their lives.
  • Are very interested ALSO in energy & meditation angles to learning more about themselves and how to use this learning to navigate the way forward.


IMPORTANT: Available session times are typically Mon-Fri between 10am and 3pm Eastern Standard Time (Guelph, Canada), by Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, or phone.


How much does it cost? How do I book this?


The winter-spring 2018 coaching series is $390 (Cdn) per month. And lasts from January until end of May. Though for folks starting later than January, we can work it out into the summer :)


Here's what we'll be doing:

  • TWO 60min sessions per month - you and me - to work through  and IMPLEMENT your next big life chapter plan.
  • We will meet 10 times in 5 months. In my experience, this is ideal.
  • Your personal process: I will be giving you approx $600 worth of eKits and online resources to do - many of them only available to 1on1 clients.
  • This will allow you to do a PILE of gorgeous work in between sessions.


If you would love to consider being in this 2018 coaching process with me, there are 2 things you can do.


  1. Email me personally to ask more about it if you're not sure, but curious. I'm at alex[at]bigdreamprogram[dot]com
  2. Or - go for it - fill out the application form here. I will review it and be in touch to determine if we're a likely fit. 


I think that about covers the basics. Hope this answers your questions, or else drop me a line.

Maybe I'll be seeing a LOT of you in the very near future!


Big hug,