The Sanity Path

Oh snap. The Sanity Path Class is now over I'm afraid because Nicole and I had to move on to other programs, and you may like them here!

The current program with my dear friend Nicole Moen is her Tea Leaf readings (which are BADASS!) here.

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A new, and gorgeous, way to do your work.

“It's a sense of real magic, the kind that can re-imagine the world, the kind that embraces what is and finds a way to co-create the beauty that sustains us all.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

A profound way for creative (and sometimes capricious) minded people to get so much more of the work they care about, done. In a short period of time. And feel more relaxed in the process.

In a way that gives you MORE time for meditation, creativity, walks in nature, yoga.

In a way that is infinitely sustainable and repeatable.

In fact you may find you often finish one of your ‘work-sessions’ with more energy and peace than when you went into it.

If you’ve struggled with burnout, overwhelm and a never-ending T​o-D​o list that doesn’t seem to include the things you actually care most about deep down . . .

If you’ve felt the weight of disappointment when you’ve sat down to write your book, create a business, work more efficiently,​ get clients . . . and ended up feeling more lost and unclear at the end of the hour than the beginning . . .

If a lot of time has passed in dreaming of what you want to do in your life (both in your work and personal), and,​ with life as busy as it is, months or years have passed and you honestly don’t feel you’re any further ahead.

​This can make you feel like you’re broken. And somehow weaker than those folks out there who are rocking it.

We’re not broken.

​YOU are NOT broken.​

It’s about a different way of working. For instance:

You’ve discovered already in your life that there is a lot more to life than what the mainstream conventional ‘plan’ looks like - ​go to University, get a good job, ​find a mate, ​settle down and live happily ever after.

​ ​

You’ve found new ways of thinking about your life, planning your life, that are WAY better and make you who you are. That makes you more whole.

But you’re trying now to do something WITH everything you’ve learned. You want to use these hard-won understandings in your life to make the bigger dreams happen, make relationships deeper and more satisfying, and . . .

You want to ROCK your work in this world. Find your thing and be known for it. WE want you to rock your work. We know you are needed out there doing your thing.

If this hasn’t been happening as you’d like . . .

Nicole and I would invite you to consider that perhaps the mainstream conventional ways that we’ve been told to get our work done . . . can feel misguided, cookie-cutter, square-peg-in-a-round-hole and sometimes just outright wrong.

So just like the mainstream conventional life plan thing, we know there are different, custom-to-you and better ways for each of us to live . . . AND to work!

We’d like to share it with you. It’s not about what you do, but HOW you do it. It adds nothing to your To Do list.

It’s called the Sanity Path.

And it has totally revolutionized the way Nicole and I, and the participants in our 3 month beta test last fall will ever do work again.

I, for one, had been wanting to revamp my website for 7 years. I needed to. Nothing happened.

In 3 days of using one of the Sanity Path Tools for working (the 50/50 Hour), I completed my whole new website in 3 days and made it live. Plus - and a big plus - it was almost without effort, and great fun. Rewarding.

​Nicole had been wanting to clean up her large desk for a few years. Never got to it. In 3 days using a couple of the Sanity Path tools (IWO and Micro Accomplishments) she went through everything on her desk, emptied it out and gave it away in favour of a much smaller desk which is all she needs now. And it was easy. Not tiring. Not overwhelming.​ Not to mention better fung shui!

Th​ese are just two of dozens of examples from the 12 of us that have walked down this new path - this new way of working.

So . . .  if you’ve got s**t you want to accomplish in your personal life, your family, and the work you love, and are curious if there’s a better way for you to do it  . . .

Join us, and a bunch of cool, cutting edge entrepreneurs, soon-to-be entrepreneurs and rockin’ project-makers, in our online gathering place the Sanity Path Teahouse. From February until the end of May we are going to be opening the doors on your projects, and gettin’ ‘em done.

The old knuckle-down-and-get-’er-done approach works for very short periods of time when you are absolutely clear in the first place . . . It does NOT work well at all for people creating work from their hearts.

And this is where the Sanity Path shines.

For those of you creating from your heart.

Read on. Reach out to us with questions. If this is a fit for you, let’s get going and unlock the things you care about this Spring - February 5 - May 28.

"The most amazing realization since starting this path has been my perception of time. Before I started I felt like I did not have enough hours in the day to do anything for myself… and now, I often find myself on my couch wondering what I can do. Even my drives back and forth to school have included less stress, getting there with plenty of time to spare (I never felt this way at all before, always running around like a chicken with my head cut off). I feel more peace for sure, in all areas of my life. The feeling of urgency is GONE…"

Jennifer Smith
Winnipeg, Canada

Bold Reachout:

Nicole and I are looking for brave self-employed, or wanting-to-be-self-employed folks to take part in one of the boldest experiments we’ve ever heard of, and think is very needed. And we’re not saying that to be all market-y. We’re saying that because we think a bold possibility like this is crying out to be heard, and tried in good people’s lives and is already felt deep in the hearts of a lot of overworked self-employed folks. Because as Nicole is wont to say: 

YOU are needed.

Your family and friends need you.

Your community needs you.

The 1% need you.

The oppressed and the privileged need you.

Whales need you. Grasslands need you. Bees need you. Rivers need you. Soil needs you.

You need you.

We need each other... more to the point.

It can all be rather overwhelming…

Your good work is needed  in the midst of all this and we’d like to see if this container will help you to gain impact.


The situation as we see it:

Most of us self-employed or self-managed people work hard. We work *real* hard. And long. And with a task list that we sometimes manage to be on top of - well it happened once last year anyway. And a list of big dreams that we’d really LOVE to do that we might rarely get to, or when we do can't seem to manifest them.


Life seems to be so damn busy. And...

More than that… this is the thing... many of us get the sense underneath, somewhat uncomfortably but like a small beautiful voice of sanity from deep inside us, that the busy-ness is actually not working. Geesh. But what else can we do? Keep plowing forward I guess. Or... Storytime...

Meet Ruby. She's a bee.

Ruby the bee is happily buzzing over a field of wildflowers on a beautiful spring day. A field that used to be a farm many, many years ago. She spots the most astonishing flower dead ahead and makes for it. Her dream flower. Wow. And then ouch - runs smack into something she just didn’t see. A window from an old shed is just left sitting there in the field. She can see the flower through the glass but can’t get to it.

(I think this is an apt analogy for a lot of self-employed folks’ dreams and goals). Back to our bee...

Ruby gives it her all. Bless her stout and indomitable heart. Both for herself and the hive to which she'll return laden to contribute to their wellbeing. With bruises as a result, she tries to bash her way through the glass - she’s committed, she’s ‘doing the work’. You gotta work hard for your goals. PUSH HARD! DIG DEEP!

Ain’t happenin. Has to stop. Exhausted. She finally takes a breather. Relaxes. Notices the warmth of sunshine, notices a beautiful little flower beside her - takes some nourishment, and then…

A small breeze she couldn't even feel before drifted her clear around the window when she wasn’t even paying attention. She was so absorbed in the moment, and when she looked up - there was her dream flower.


Right there. Beside her. She alights on her dream.

The Universe telling her she’d done the right thing. And maybe it’s just pure physics. The laws of nature. Relaxing enough for them to work with her.


If it works for Ruby, what could it do for you?

Whether you have 4 hrs or 40hrs per week to work on your dream or your business?

What if you spent up to 50% of that time on things like this...

Yoga or Time in Nature

What if this were PART of your work-time? Why? Because it works - REALLY WELL.


In our program, we have an amazing Meditation program called the Pause-Button Meditations if you want em! Specific energy-healing meditations that help your body evolve its relationship with things like money, being seen, speaking, writing your blog...

Nicole's famous 10min Pilgrimages

Take yourself on a mini-pilgrimage - around your home, around the block, down the trail. A process that re-calibrates you so easily to where you are.

Then... armed with mind-opening, body-confidence good-stuff, you can spend the other 50% of your workday at things like this...

Meeting your clients

Like Anne Wheatley here of Chocolate Covered Coaching. Because of her transformative inner work, she's unlocked something incredible: she now meets her coaching and financial clients IN HER TREEHOUSE. 

Creating that Workshop

The 50% inner work time has cleared some things. You feel noticeably stronger, more confident. See how it influences the ideas you come up with for your workshop now!

Writing your blog, website, or book

Pick a small thing you feel called to work on after your inner-work. Writing a single blog post, re-writing that page on your website, or brainstorming the layout for your book! What would happen if you did 1 small concrete little thing in each of your 50/50 work-sessions for the next while? Hint - that's how we created the Sanity Path program you are reading about - even this page. For real. It works. Very. Well.

Who this is for:


This is for entrepreneurs, healers, social-project creators, artists, musicians, writers, and all those who have a dream that won't let them go. 


For ease of communication here I will refer to all projects as a 'business' as this is what most folks are working on. But it applies to all projects.


This is how it works for the:



You're dreaming of your business, being able to do what you love full-time, ditch the soul-sucking job, BUT wind up in this position... 

"I know I need to work on my dream work, but life's so crazy busy. I don't have the energy to sit down and create my business. When I do, I stare at a computer screen, am overwhelmed with everything I haven't figured out yet. It's paralyzing. I wind up surfing Facebook. Ack. Then I feel shitty, and more disappointed with myself. and THEN, well, I find a million excuses not to sit down the next time. Gotta clean the bathroom. Yep. It's a mess. But... gahhhhh... this has been my pattern for a long time. I'm a strong person, very gifted, and very motivated... WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K is the way out of this for me!?"


The 50/50 concept is IDEAL for this kind of person. Here's how to do it:


It's a Tuesday evening, and you've carved out an hour to yourself to work on your dream. 

1. Spend the first 30mins doing an inner work that nourishes the YOU that is wielding your dream.

2. Spend the next 30mins doing a practical activity for your business (designing a workshop, answering emails, fixing your bio page) - forget about everything you don't know or can't get yourself to do & instead do 1 little thing you do know or can. (think of Ruby the bee.)


Now, do you think you are more likely to CHOOSE to sit down on Wed night (or soon!) to repeat this process? 


Probably, right?

The 50/50 Sanity Path can TOTALLY unlock the way forward for people in this position. Already has in fact. (we're going to introduce you in this program to some examples of people ALREADY rocking this 50/50 so you can hear from them.)



You're working at your business or project full-time. Do any of these points resonate with you:

  • You feel you could be more successful with your work and it bugs you - not because of any competition with others, just that *you* feel inside you're capable of creating something that has remained elusive. Maybe you haven't told anyone ever what you feel you are actually trying to create.
  • You WORK it. So, your lifestyle often goes to shit. Working piles, worrying, balance is off.
  • You guess you could be more successful in every way, including financially likely, and for your loved ones and your inner power if you tried a new work-day approach.


Here's how to do the 50/50 in your situation:


1. Take a look at a hypothetical work-day for you, and seriously consider this.

2. Spend an hour of that workday (or up to 50% of your day over time) doing your jaw-dropping combination of gorgeous Inner Work (like yoga, meditation, EFT, exercise, time in nature, or another activity that nourishes the YOU that is running your business) and then the rest of your work time doing obvious totally-doable pieces of your project.

3. Notice what your body tells you about that. Do you feel a 'click' inside?


You do Inner Work already. And a good deal of it. You would not have found your way to reading this if you did not.


And so - our brave, risky (it is), bold invitation to you: Have you ever tried to 50/50 it? Take one big dream or project. You've got 2 hours to work on it. Spend one hour to Inner Work it. Then one hour to Outer Work one small piece of it. Bam. 

See what happens.

"What I found out last month from this Sanity Path process is that giving to others should also be energizing for me, and not draining. I have been more selective in who I work with and in how I give to people who will simply take."

Sue Michalsky
Saskatchewan, Canada

Here's how the Sanity Path program works

This is a self-motivated program. We have a Closed Facebook group set up for participants. It's called the Sanity Path Teahouse.


Here we will be holding the space and intention for some independent-minded leaders to figure out what they can do with this 50/50 concept in their lives.


For 3 months.


Drop in daily to learn a new skill, contemplate an idea, share your progress, and enjoy what others are up to.


Learn about their work and the unique ways we ALL will find to rock our work using what one of us has already dubbed the perfect masculine+feminine approach to completely evolving how we do our work, and what we accomplish.


Start by taking one of your beloved projects, dreams, challenges - and see what 50/50ing it could unlock for you.


No one is expecting you to suddenly do inner work for 50% of your workday from the beginning. We feel this could be a gorgeous ideal - and we will all be navigating our way week by week TOWARDS this ideal. Find your own 'sweet spot' for this.


We expect, and are already finding, that this simple 50/50 approach - the Sanity Path - will relax the next-level productivity to you, and give you back confidence AND your life. How 'Work' can actually WORK.


This approach will give a lot of us back our lives. Our family-time. Our peace. Our gentle power. Our feeling of being on track and in flow instead of the harried, stressed, and burnout results of the 'other' way of working.


And - there are no 'have-to-attend' activities in our group. No calls you have to schedule. 


Because - The social container + the fabulous resources we are making available to you are, we feel, the exact right environment for busy leader folks to renovate their 50/50 work on their own terms. We're not giving you a to-do list. We are giving you an opportunity.


And our Teahouse gives you the oasis from the hectic-world even of our own minds, and the social-accountability and inspiration-quotient to make this happen for yourself. 

Get me into the TeaHouse. Yep. This is SO me.


The cost is $215 (Cdn) per month.

And if it even helps you get ONE deep-heart-important thing in your life accomplished, consider if this investment is worth it.

If you got your book started, your workshop launched, your website re-done?

Use that as your benchmark for choosing to join us in this program.

But... we'd be surprised if you didn't get 10 important things done, PLUS, 

Our experience from our last program is that what you are investing in MOSTLY is the opportunity and social-accountability to unlock this 50/50 work approach out in YOUR life.

i.e. - if you're like Nicole and I are admitting - if you love this concept, it really feels perfect inside you - can you, are you likely to, or do you want to, do it by yourself? For her and me, it was not only more fun to work in a friendship group...

we simply would not have followed through with our own dreams for this if we didn't have the social beauty to leverage for ourselves.

We needed friends. Plain and simple. This 50/50 concept makes intrinsic sense to us - and a lot of uber successful well-known leaders for that matter.


BUT... we are also dealing with things like: spouses who mightn't understand, financial concerns, a part-time-job, not to mention 150yrs+ of made-up white-guy Industrial Revolution work ethic, and if that's not enough - the PUSH IT DIG DEEP eye-rolling mentality that even those of us who know it doesn't work in many of the most important situations STILL subconsciously subscribe to.

We have a tide to change. We submit that it's easier when you have a solid gang of mavericks to blaze the trail with.




BUT.... now. That aside, you ALSO get:

  • Consistent teachings, guidance, and real-world highly-unique examples of people already working this 50/50 approach and what it's doing for them.
  • $300+ in free-to-you badass Inner Work courses, programs, & energy meditations from both Nicole and I, like the Capacity Generator ($111), the Pause Button Meditations for Entrepreneurs ($50), the MapMaker Workbooks to create your next work project from the Lifestyle up ($97), Nicole's famous 10min Pilgrimmages (priceless)... and more
  • PLUS - secret bonus: we've got some other teachers who will be contributing items to you that can blow-wide-open your Inner Work options. These will be added to your Library Shelf one by one over the 3 months and will be FREE for you.
  • Discounts for 1on1 work with Nicole or I, if you wish it along the way, which on their own would completely cover EVERYTHING you pay to be in this program. Ergo - this is a crafty loophole for you to access HUNDREDS of dollars in Inner Work programs + the chance to do work with us personally if you wish it. 


Now... if this resonates and the price works for you, let's get you INTO this!

"I have to say how grateful I am for this Sanity Path experience so far. I started in a stormy state but I have been settling in quite nicely! This space has created a container and structure to support me to move towards days that are more supportive and whole! It feels so good!! Today, I had a really nice balanced day of some inner work, clients, and social contact at a really nice pace. I do not feel drained but actually energized!!"

Angela Herzog
Guelph, Canada

How to Proceed:


  • If you'd like to ask us a question, email Nicole at, or Alex at We'll get back to you as soon as we can!
  • Click here to be taken to your registration. There will be some agreements in there to read and check so that we can be sure you are super clear on your choice :)
  • You will even find your Ultimate Getting Started Workbook right there on the registration page.
  • See you on the inside!


Carpe Diem. I'm down with this.

The link below will take you to the agreements checklist, and registration.

PS - Your Hosts!

We'll be journeying with you, and holding a powerful space and intention that you will be able to use ease, sanity, and feminine + masculine energy to 50/50 your workday and find your life and work at a gorgeous new level as a result.

Nicole Moen

You can read more about her here. But in a nutshell, she’s a quiet high impact activist. Largely via event production work, she’s lifted up and helped to move forward the fields of integrative medicine, regenerative urban development, permaculture, pilgrimage, keeping kids in nature, the arts (especially local musicians, poets and visual artists), new economics and indigenous language revitalization. She’s also an intuitive and poet who has done personal coaching for nearly 20 years, focusing now on progressive and aspiring politicians and others in public leadership roles. In this photo she’s pointing the way to the washrooms at the beginning of a Storytelling event at the Royal BC Museum.

Alex Baisley

After 20 years of making bad decisions in his work life, Alex, thankfully, had a brainwave.

 He’d spent a loooong time trying to figure out what the *&^% to do with his life, and after two 10yr careers as commercial diver, then Reiki Master… (you see the connection, don’t you?... wtf!?) he still hadn’t cracked it. And was just about thinking he’d missed the boat.

One April afternoon, (no blinding light, just a nice coffee) he suddenly realized the problem. He was trying to answer the wrong questions to figure it all out. Turns out ‘what would I like to do?’ is a VERY unhelpful and trap-making question for many of us. And it’s been keeping many of us stuck for decades. Read more here. (incidentally, this pic is Alex and his fearless-roller-derby daughter Lila who has no issues with driving a golf cart real fast.)

Oh my god! I've read clear to the bottom. Holy s**t. There's something about this I really like :) I seem to be really considering it, but hmmm, ack. I'm just not sure. Here's what I can do so I don't let this moment slip by and not get back to it:

  1. I'll email Alex & Nicole and tell them I love the sound of this but I have some questions, or concerns. I'm just not sure if this is a fit for me. They'll tell me straight up - no strings attached - if this would apply to my situation. They're here: alex [at] bigdreamprogram [dot] com
  2. Or maybe I'll just click the link below marked 'Here' and check out the registration page - it's got some more details of what's expected.

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